Bookend App Design Prototype | UI/UX

Bookend is an app that allows readers and book enthusiasts to browse, read, and share their reading experiences with other like-minded individuals within book clubs.
User Onboarding
For onboarding, users may create their profile or log in with Facebook. Afterwards, the user inputs their personal reading preferences to best match them with new and upcoming reads, as well as help them find the best readers to connect with.
Home Screen Browsing
After the user has finished with their reading preferences, they are presented to the 
home page where they can immediately begin searching new books, or navigate to either their current book collection, or find book clubs to join. 

Create a Book Club
By tapping on the “plus” icon from the book club page, they can quickly and easily create and customize their own     book club.
Book Club Home Page
After creating or joining a book club, the user can jump right into current discussions, message friends, or jump right into reading the current book that the group is reading.
Group Discussions
There are always great topics to discuss with your reading friends and bookend allows users to communicate by text, images, and emojis.
Clean Reading Interface

With a simple and clean reading user interface, the user is able to focus on their reading, while having tools to customize their reading experience.
In addition, while reading the user can view notes from other book club members, as well as create their own to keep the reading experience social and shareable to others.
Clean Reading Interface Cont.
Interactive Prototype
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